Uniform Requirements


In any gymnastic sport, the athletes “form” plays an important role. Gymnastics clothing is designed to allow freedom of movement and clear visibility of the arms and legs for correct posture. Correspondingly, Gymsports NZ requires competitors to wear correct gear for all major competitions.

Club Tracksuit: The tracksuit is required when competing in sanctioned competitions, it is also worn for prize giving.

Club T-Shirt: This t-shirt is worn under the tracksuit and/or over the leotard, and is worn for warm-up prior to competing.

Female: Club leotard is required for trampoline, double-mini (DMT) and syncro. Syncro partners must have matchingleotards.

Male: Club leotard is required with long whites for trampoline and syncro. Syncro partners must have matching leotards.

Plain black or white rugby/soccer shorts (with no external pockets and no logos) are worn for double-mini (DMT). The shorts are to be purchased privately and need to show the knees!

Socks: Plain white ankle socks with no logos required for trampoline, double-mini (DMT) and syncro.

Shoes: Trampoline shoes (these are optional) worn with plain white ankle socks are mainly worn for double-mini (DMT) but can also be used for trampoline and syncro.

Hair: Hair that is shoulder length or longer needs to be tied up so that it does not move when an athlete is competing.

Jewellery: No jewellery/watches/ear rings including body piercings are allowed when competing. If ear rings need to be worn these must be taped. Bandages or support pieces must not create big contrast with the skin colour. Underwear must not be visible

National Competitions: This competition requires a separate North Harbour Regional tracksuit, t-shirt and leotard.

NST is proud of its club uniform and the athletes representing it and expects competitors to follow these rules during competitions and prize giving.

Second Hand Uniforms: Some second hand stock is available on Facebook “NST Uniform Trade”


Price List (approx):

Club Tracksuit Jacket $65 - $70

Club Tracksuit Pants $30 - $35

Female Leotard $80 - $90 depending on size

Male Leotard $35 -$50 depending on size

Male Long Whites $40 - $60 depending on size

Trampoline Shoes $40 - $80 these are sourced independently. We can advise.

IMPORTANT: All uniform orders are taken at the beginning of the year in February. A 50% deposit is required at the time of ordering.

IMPORTANT: Uniforms take approximately 6-8 weeks to order