About Us

North Shore Trampoline was founded in 1994 by Senior Coach Stuart Holehouse and a team of dedicated parents. From a small start of only a half-dozen children the club has rapidly grown and now is one of the largest clubs in New Zealand.

Establishment of our own premises in Browns Bay in the late 90’s enabled the club to set up an enviable collection of four full sized trampolines and a double-mini track.

Almost since we started North Shore Trampoline has a proud reputation of producing top trampolinists with representatives at Auckland and National competitions winning titles in almost all age groups.
In 2008 Stuart Holehouse resigned as Head coach in order to return to University and further his Education. Dave Williams the Head Coach of Counties Manukau Trampoline Club took on the role of head coach and he along with Stuart Holehouse mentored the relatively new and inexperienced coach and club manager Leo Kimble.

Due to the fantastic team spirit and dedication from our coaching team, the club managed to more than double in size in 2008! The invaluable help and support from our parents resulted in many notable changes.

  • Firstly the layout and inside of the building changed quite considerably with the removal of a very large chunk of mezzanine floor.
  • Secondly thanks to the awesome fundraising efforts of our committee we raised enough funds to enable our parents and committee members the opportunity to replace the lights in the building.

North Shore Trampoline Club also received it’s first funding in two years and thanks to a very generous donation of $10,000 from pub charity and a $3,000 donation from the wind up of Auckland Trampoline Association we were able to purchase two more Olympic sized trampolines and re-condition one of our double mini trampolines.

In 2009 Dave Williams felt he had done a successful enough job and passed on the Head Coach title to senior coach and manager Leo Kimble. The rest of the clubs history is currently being made by Leo and his team.

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